31 août 2015

Conference « Materials in high temperature conditions » 10-11/09/2015, PROMES Odeillo, France


Objectives of the conference are the following:

  • Identify and access to the results of existing materials characterization studies at temperatures superior to 400°C

  • Visit the unrivalled solar furnaces of Odeillo, equipped with MESOX and MEDIASE facilities (high temperature reactors)

  • Identify relevant future work on this topic
    Picture: Solar Orbiter Mission [ESA]

  • The conference has the aim to cover the following topics:

  • Dedicated facilities for high temperature testing (> 400°C), combining eventually other space relevant parameters and in-situ measurements, such as MEDIASE facility at the focus of the 1 MW solar furnace

  • Evolution of mechanical, thermal, thermo-optical, physical, chemical... properties of materials exposed to high temperatures (metals, alloys, ceramics...)

  • Recommendations for materials use/no-use limitations

    Many space applications can cover high temperature challenges:

    • Missions close to the Sun (Solar Probe Plus, Solar Orbiter...),

    • Missions to “hot” planets such as Venus or Mercury,

    • Terrestrial or extra-terrestrial atmospheric entry of elements (e. g .thermal shields for atmospheric entry...),