14 oct. 2016

Post-doctoral position - Labex SOLSTICE 2016 - Manufacturing of multijunction solar cells for HCPV

Title: Manufacturing of multijunction solar cells for HCPV

The Labex Solstice (French laboratory of excellence) offers a 1 year post-doc position at IES (Institut d’Electronique et des Systèmes, Montpellier, France - Group M@CSEE - Dr. Y. CUMINAL). The topic concerns the manufacturing of multijunction solar cells for HCPV. The fellow will work on projects aimed at exploring an innovative ways to fabricate multijunction solar cells using antimonide-based compounds (lattice matched to GaSb). In fact, these materials offer a wide range of bandgaps of interest between 0.726 and 1.64 eV.
This field is currently a hot topic due to:

  • unoptimized state-of-the art solar cells for HCPV
  • rare industrial development in this field
  • unexplored potential of antimonide-based compounds

All fabrication steps take place in the IES, starting with the MBE growth followed by the technological steps.
The candidate will be involved in the technological fabrication steps in clean room following the epitaxial growth and the related characterizations.


The candidate must have:

  • A PhD in Semiconductor Physics
  • Proven track record of publication in international journals.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Fluency in English is compulsory (native English speaker preferred).
  • The wish to be part of a highly interactive and international group of scientists.
  • Technical skills :
    • UV and Electron beam lithography
    • Wet and dry etching of III-V materials
    • PECVD deposition
    • Semiconductor doping by diffusion or implantation
    • Related characterizations (structural, optical, electrical)

Duration : 1 year

Start : January 2017

Place of employment

IES - 860 rue Saint Priest - 34095 Montpellier - France


Applications must be submitted directly to Dr. Yvan Cuminal () and must include the following documents, all in PDF format:

  • Cover letter
  • CV including education, work/research experience
  • Two recommendation letters
  • List of publications