30 oct. 2018

Researcher and postdoc positions at CNRS PROMES (Odeillo)

Each year, in December, a competition for permanent researcher positions is open at CNRS (http://www.cnrs.fr/en/join/researchers-careers.htm ). CNRS recruits a large fraction of foreign researchers (30 to 40%). A specific position for PROMES laboratory (at Odeillo) should be open for a researcher in the field of Concentrated Solar Energy.

The application should be prepared in December, and submitted early or mid-January 2019. There will be a first selection of candidates from their application file, then the preselected candidates will have to defend their research project in front of a CNRS jury in Paris, probably in May. Since the process is competitive, only high level applications have a chance to succeed.

The topic for a research project at PROMES must be on “Concentrated Solar Energy”, but otherwise it remains quite open  (CSP, CPV, Solar Fuels, Thermal storage, New concepts…). The selected candidate will develop his/her research project in Odeillo, based on the Solar Facilities available in the lab. The nature of this research, predominantly fundamental research (TRL <3), could be either experimental or both theoretical & experimental. 

We also offer a post-doc for 8-9 months in our lab(starting in January 2019) to a very good candidate, that will allow him/her to better prepare his/her application to CNRS.

If you are interested to compete for this(these) position(s), please contact the director of PROMES directly by email (alain.dollet“at”promes.cnrs.fr) with your CV and motivation letter attached, before 28 November.