31 mars 2011


The SOCRATE project (Concentrated Solar Energy, Advanced Research and Energy Technology) aims at setting up a National experimental platform, with an International dimension, in the field of concentrated solar energy (CSE). SOCRATE will offer the means for developping research and technology in the CSE field, particularly at high concentrations. The project proposes to improve existing facilities and to install new ones. Despite the accelerating development of CSE in Europe and in the world, the number of R&D platform is very small. In Europe, only Plataforma Solar de Almeria (PSA, CIEMAT) offers a full set of pilot scale facilities more adapted to demontration than to research. The SOCRATE platform is based on the improvement of existing facilities such as solar concentrating facilities of CNRS Odeillo-Font Romeu and central receiver concentrator of Thémis in Targasonne, and on new equipments such as a pilot trough loop and solar thermal materials characterization means.

More informations on the SOCRATE page.