The laboratory is located at the Solar Furnace in Odeillo, part of the village of
Font-Romeu, which is famous for its hours of sun and is reputed to be the sunniest ski resort in France. Font-Romeu is at the heart of the Cerdagne, a wide plateau which it overlooks and which has been a Regional Natural Park since 2004. It is close to Barcelona, Toulouse, Perpignan, and even closer to Andorra and has a wide range of facilities. Since the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico, Font-Romeu is known worldwide amongst famous sports people because of its renowned centre for Physical Sports Training.

It is also a university centre hosting the Sports Department of the University of Perpignan.

In winter there is alpine and cross-country skiing both in Font-Romeu as well as in the ten other resorts located within a one-hour drive. In summer, surrounded by wonderful landscape, Font Romeu is the perfect place for walking and other open air activities such as climbing, trout fishing, mountain biking, canyoning,...