16 nov. 2017


8 nov. 2017


27 juin 2017

Paul Brunet soutiendra sa thèse intitulée

" Procédé de dépôt de couches minces nanocomposites par Décharge à Barrière Diélectrique:
De l'aérosol d'une suspension colloïdale à la morphologie du dépôt"

le 17 juillet à 10h30, salle de conférences, laboratoire PROMES - Perpignan

13 juin 2017

14 juin 2017 à 10h30, Salle des conférences, PROMES/Tecnosud

Probing ultrafast heat transport in thin metallic bi-layer structures

Vasily Temnov
IMMM CNRS 6283, Université du Maine, 72085 Le Mans cedex, France
Groupe d’Etude de la Matière Condensée (GEMaC), CNRS UMR 8635,
Université de Versailles-Saint Quentin en Yvelines, Université Paris-Saclay

Hybrid metal-ferromagnet multilayer structures play an important role in nanophotonic applications [1,2]. Here we show how ultrafast pump-probe measurements on hybrid metal-ferromagnet bilayer structures helped to explore a new physical phenomenon: ultrafast transient overheating of ferromagnetic layer excited by hot electrons through a macroscopically thick layer of noble metal. Combined with numerical two-temperature model simulations of ultrafast heat diffusion, our experimental observations reveal the dominant role of the interfacial thermal boundary (Kapitza) resistance at metal-ferromagnet interfaces and different electron-phonon coupling strength between noble and ferromagnetic transition metals. Observation of exchange-coupled magnons by non-equilibrium hot electrons as well as the quantitative characterization of ultrashort acoustic pulses accomplishes the physical picture. The physics reported in this talk opens the door to novel pathways of femtosecond-laser material nanostructuring via deep sub-surface overheating of lattice at the nano-scale in complex solid multilayer structures.

6 mars 2017

A SOLSTICE Labex PhD student, Kuo Zeng, has won 2016 National Excellent Self-funded Oversea Students scholarship program. He was selected among 13 candidates in France and 500 candidates worldwide.

A ceremony is organized on 11 March 2017 in Chinese Embassy in Paris. 

Kuo Zeng has prepared his PhD on solar biomass pyrolysis in the framework of a collaboration between PROMES and RAPSODEE (France). The model was developed in collaboration with the Institute for Research and Development in Process Engineering, Biotechnology and Alternative Energies (PROBIEN, CONICET - UNCo), 1400 Buenos Aires St., 8300 Neuquén, Argentina.

23 sept. 2016
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