Conférences invitées dans des congrès internationaux - années 2015 à 2019


  • BALAT-PICHELIN M., RAPAUD O., PIRIOU C., PELLEGRINI C., Oxidation in air plasma of ZrB2 and HfB2-SiC based composites from 1800 to 2200 K, 10th International Conference on High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composite, HTCMC-10, Bordeaux (France), 23-26 Sept. 2019

  • MASSINES F., MAGNAN R., HAGELAAR G., "Multi-frequency atmospheric pressure plasma for surface treatment", XXXIV ICPIG,14-19 juillet 2019, Sapporo (Japon)

  • MASSINES F., MAGNAN R., HAGELAAR G., "Dual frequency DBDs or how to design an atmospheric pressure plasma for surface treatment", ISPC 24, International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry, 9-14 june 2019, Napoli (Italy)


  • BALAT-PICHELIN M., High temperature ceramic materials for space applications, 14th International Ceramic Congress, CIMTEC, Pérouse (Italie), 4-8 juin 2018

  • BALAT-PICHELIN M., Oxidation and emissivity of refractory metals and alloys in severe space environment (very high temperature, high vacuum, air plasma), 10th Int. Conf. Process. Manuf. Adv. Mater. THERMEC’ 2018, Paris (France), 9-13 juil. 2018

  • CALIOT C., Challenges of high-temperature volumetric receivers in CSP. The Decarbonisation of the Energy Sector in the Mediterranean Region and Middle East – The Role of CSP. Nicosia, Cyprus, 29 Nov.-1 Dec. 2018.

  • GRIEU S., Intrahour forecasting of DNI to the management of CSP plants. 4th International Conference on Event-based Control, Communication, and Signal Processing (EBCCSP) 2018, Perpignan, France, 27-29 juin 2018.
  • GRIEU S., Towards the intrahour forecasting of direct normal irradiance using sky-imaging data. France-Japan Joint Forum on Solar Energy, Perpignan, France, 8-9 octobre 2018.

  • MASSINES F., Exploring new plasma regime, Discussion leader, GRC 2018 Gordon Research Conference Plasmas Processing Science, Bryant University, 5-10 août 2018, (USA)

  • VOSSIER A., ZEITOUNY J., KATZ E.A., DOLLET A., FLAMANT G., GORDON J.M., “Performance bounds for hybrid solar photovoltaic/thermal electricity generation strategies” 21st Sede Boqer Symposium on Solar Electricity Production (2018)


  •  AUSSEL D., "On the use of non cooperative game theory for the analysis of energy market: from theory to computation", Conference ``AMASES 2017'' - Cagliari, Italie - 09/2017.

  • BALAT-PICHELIN M., Advanced high temperature materials for space and energy applications, 1st Transpyr. Encounter Advanced Materials, TEAM-1, Sète (France), 4-6 Juillet 2017

  • MASSINES F., LELIEVRE J-F., "Atmospheric pressure PECVD for solar energy conversion", CIP-MIATEC", Nice (2017)

  • MAZET N. An overview of the research on thermal storage by sorption processes in France. IEA ECES Annex 30, TES days, Pau, 18-19/10/2017


  • AUSSEL D., "Projected solutions of Nash games with applications to electricity markets." , Conference APPOPT16 - La Havana, Cuba - 06/2016.

  • AUSSEL D., "Nash games defined by nonself constraint maps: when models of electricity market get closer to real bid processes.", Conference ACAO16 - Erice, Sicilia, Italy - 07/ 2016

  • CHARPENTIER L., BALAT-PICHELIN M., UHTCs behavior and thermal radiative properties in extreme conditions for space and energy, 6th Int. Cong. Ceramics ICC6, Dresden (Allemagne), 26 Août 2016

  • DOLLET A., “Research on Renewable Energy at CNRS”, Keynote lecture, 6th International Conference on Engineering for Waste and Biomass Valorisation and 2nd WasteEng Summer School, Albi, 23-26 May, 2016

  • GRIEU S., Concentrated Solar Power (plant) efficiency IMProvement (CSPIMP). EUREKA Innovation Week 2016, Smart Cities, Sustainable & Attractive Communities, Stockholm, Suède, 26-29 avril 2016.

  • MASSINES F., Plasma based aerosol processes for nanocomposite thin film deposition at atmospheric pressure”, Energy Materials Nanotechnology, 12-16 Janvier 2016, HonkHong,(Chine)

  • VOSSIER A., DOLLET A., GUALDI F., PARENT L., AL ALAM E., AMARA M., CHEMISANA D., GUEYMARD C., “General assessment of the main limiting mechanisms in single and multi-junction solar cells” IV Congreso REDU, Quito, Equateur (2016)


  • D. Aussel,.  "Limiting normal approach in quasiconvex analysis." Intern. Conference on Variational Analysis, Optimization and Quantitative Finance - Limoges - 05/2015.

  • CHARPENTIER L., BALAT-PICHELIN M., UHTCs behavior and thermal radiative properties in extreme conditions for space and energy, 6th Int. Cong. Ceramics ICC6, Dresden (Allemagne), 26 Août 2016