Conférences invitées dans des congrès internationaux - années 2015 à 2017


  • BALAT-PICHELIN M., Advanced high temperature materials for space and energy applications, 1st Transpyr. Encounter Advanced Materials, TEAM-1, Sète (France), 4-6 Juillet 2017

  • D. Aussel, "On the use of non cooperative game theory for the analysis of energy market: from theory to computation", Conference ``AMASES 2017'' - Cagliari, Italie - 09/2017.

  • FRANÇOISE MASSINES, JEAN-FRANÇOIS LELIEVRE, "Atmospheric pressure PECVD for solar energy conversion", CIP-MIATEC", Nice (2017)


  • D. Aussel, "Projected solutions of Nash games with applications to electricity markets." , Conference APPOPT16 - La Havana, Cuba - 06/2016.

  • D. Aussel, "Nash games defined by nonself constraint maps: when models of electricity market get closer to real bid processes.", Conference ACAO16 - Erice, Sicilia, Italy - 07/ 2016

  • M. Coquand, C. Caliot, F. Henault. Backward-gazing method for measuring heliostat shape Light, Energy and Environment, OSA Technical Digest (Optical Society of

  • America, 2016), paper SoM3C.2.

  • Grieu S., Concentrated Solar Power (plant) efficiency IMProvement (CSPIMP). EUREKA Innovation Week 2016, Smart Cities, Sustainable & Attractive Communities, Stockholm, Sweden, April 26-29, 2016.


  • D. Aussel,.  "Limiting normal approach in quasiconvex analysis." Intern. Conference on Variational Analysis, Optimization and Quantitative Finance - Limoges - 05/2015.

  • CHARPENTIER L., BALAT-PICHELIN M., UHTCs behavior and thermal radiative properties in extreme conditions for space and energy, 6th Int. Cong. Ceramics ICC6, Dresden (Allemagne), 26 Août 2016