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Creation in 2011 of a specialized course semester on Solar Thermal and Associated Renewable Storage (STARS) in the framework of the European Master in Renewable Energy (EMRE) managed by the Association of European Renewable Energy Research Centers (EUREC). These courses include teaching on-site at PROMES-Odeillo.
Share the experience of the first EUREC'A class of the STARS specialization.




The professors of PROMES have initiated or are responsible for well-recognized courses at the University of Perpignan, in particular, the Master of Science in “Solar Energy” created in 2004 (P. Neveu).




Sup' EnR is a public school authorized by the Minister of National Education, of Higher Education and Research and the Commission of the Titles of Engineers (CTI). It is a formation of the University of Perpignan Via Domitia.

It benefits from its specificities as regards environmental and energy research (in particular laboratory PROMES which manages the solar furnace of Odeillo and the solar power plant of THEMIS). It also profits from a single situation: Sup' EnR is part of a renewable energies campus.