EuroDish system

The EuroDish is an integrated system developed in the EnviroDish project which combine a parabolic concentrator with a solar powered Solo Stirling engine to produce 10 kW electricity. This complete system is under investigation at PROMES-CNRS for further analysis than the initial project: efficiency improvement, operating cost demonstration, hybridation, cogeneration...

The parabolic concentrator tracks the sun by moving according to 2 axis, placing the dish always in the direction of the Sun.

PROMES-CNRS is currently modifying this platform to harness the high performance concentrator initially developed for other experiments, such as thermo-acoustic cold production (TacSol):

  • Available power is 52 kWth, shutter available to adjust power
  • Up to 9300 kW/m2 peak flux

The EuroDish system allows to experiment processes at an industrial scale, as this concentrator technology is commercially available.

The modifications mainly consist of adding the specially developed items:

  • Observation cameras: focus, general overview
  • Network, power, water and pressurized air for the experiments
  • Z-axis high precision platform to adjust the experiment position up to 400 kg load (availability early 2010)
  • Water-cooled shutter to adjust thermal power from to 0 to 100 %, suitable for process regulation (availability spring 2010)
  • 600 kg crane to easily install and remove the Solo Stirling engine and the platforms supporting the experiments, allowing mounting and tuning in the nearby workshop instead of outdoor (availability late 2009)

A pyrheliometer is installed and monitored at the EuroDish facility allowing precise DNI measurements even in cloudy conditions for correct efficiency evaluation of the hosted process.