GINOSOL is a small-scale reactor for the synthesis of carbon nano-materials using concentrated solar energy. The experimental chamber is adjusted at the focal point of a vertical 2 kW MSSF. The stand part, surrounded by the Pyrex balloon flask, is a water-cooled brass cylinder supporting the cellulose filter to collect the soot. The target is a graphite rod, or a graphite crucible filled in with a mixture of powdered graphite and catalyst promoters. It is hung in a graphite pipe linked to the filter with a brass holder. This pipe, which channels the carbon vapour and which is heated at its top by sunlight, works like a thermal screen and also forms the annealing zone. The flow rate of the buffer gas (Ar or He) is controlled by a vacuum pump, valves and a flow meter. The working pressure is adjusted by a pressure regulator. The temperature of the sample may be measured using an optical pyrometer.