LFA 457Thermal Diffusivity measurement principleThermal Diffusivity measurement principle Mesure de la réflectivité bi-directionnelle CASI System

Main equipements:

Thermal Diffusivity LFA 457
  • based on the well-established flash method from ambiant to 1100°C
  • The thermal diffusivity (a) and in most cases the specific heat (cp) can be ascertained using the measured signal. If the density (ρ) is known, the thermal conductivity (λ) can be determined
  • Absolute Measurement Technique. The flash method is an absolute test technique for thermal diffusivity. No calibration is required for the determination of this thermophysical property.


Hemispherical Directional Spectro Reflectometer SOC 100 + Nicolet 6700
  • Spectral measurements ( 1,5µm - 20µm):
    • Hemispherical Directional Reflectance (HDR)
    • Specular & Diffuse Components of HDR
    • Hemispherical Directional Transmittance (HDT)
    • Collimated & Diffuse Comp. of the HDT
  • Sample temperature range: 20°C - 500°C


Complete Angle Scatter Instrument CASI System:
  • Measures: Bi-directional Scatter Distribution Function, Transmittance (BTDF) and Reflectance (BRDF);
  • Calculates Total Integrated Scatter (TIS), Total Hemispherical Reflectance (THR), Power Spectral Density
  • (PSD), and RMS roughness.
  • Near specular BRDF to less than 0.1°
  • RMS roughness to less than 1 angstrom
  • Automated control of set-up, scanning, filter, and aperture changes
  • Area Raster scans for sample X & Y
  • Angular Resolved Scatter (ARS)
  • Real time data display


Head of department

Christophe ESCAPE, IE2