Solar concentrators

PROMES-CNRS at Font-Romeu Odeillo host a whole range of high and very high flux solar furnaces and 10 min nearby in Targassonne the Themis solar tower.

These solar facilities are perfectly suited to support high-risk - high-gain fundamental research as well as more established mature research up to an industrial prototype scale.

The easy availability of high heat flux and/or high temperatures, up to 3500 K, without contamination in controlled atmosphere (pressure, including secondary vacuum, composition...), make these facilities unique for a large research domain.

In Odeillo, a large variety of modular reactors and equipments are available at the solar facilities, designed and developed at the laboratory, to perform in the best conditions high level research in numerous scientific domains. In addition, versatile supports enable to easily host foreign experimental reactors at the solar facilities. Finally, an extended set of in-situ diagnostic apparatus and advanced material analysis and characterization systems complete the infrastructure.

Secured WiFi or Ethernet access is available on all installations allowing to use inline realtime data such as weather local measurements or solar spectrum calculation.