Projets internationaux et européens


  • 2023 – CIRCULAR FUELS – Production of sustainable aviation fuels from waste biomass by coupling of fast pyrolysis with solar energy – partenaire
  • 2022 – TOP CSP – Towards Competitive, Reliable, Safe and sustainable Concentrated Solar Power – partenaire

Le projet CLÉ-DE-SOL (2021-2022) a pour objectif la maitrise du flux solaire concentré ainsi que de la température au foyer de la centrale à tour Thémis et du four solaire de 1000 kW à Odeillo.


The overall objective of this project is to carry on with the work done during the past 8 years in the SFERA 1 and SFERA 2 projects and reinforce the sustainability of the activities of the European advanced Concentrating Solar Power research infrastructures.


Next-CSP is a consortium of 10 partners gathered to fulfil one objective: improving the reliability and performance of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants through the development and integration of a new technology based on the use of high temperature (800°C) particles as heat transfer fluid and storage medium.


POLYPHEM is a Horizon 2020 project funded under the Energy programme (LCE-07-2016-2017 – Developing the next generation technologies of renewable electricity and heating/cooling). The consortium is coordinated by CNRS and implemented by a total of 9 partners from 4 EU member countries.


IMPROVMENT will develop, validate and demonstrate a system to turn public buildings into almost zero energy consumption buildings (nZeB) by including mirco-networks of generation combining warm, cold and electricity and conceive to respond to the SUDOE climate conditions.


MiniStor is a project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme to offer a sustainable solution to harness the energy efficiency potential of the European building stock