14 déc. 2017

Like to join PROMES as CNRS associate scientist ?

The CNRS/PROMES laboratory is looking for a candidate interested and highly motivated for applying for a permanent position as a researcher at CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research). Two fields of research are targeted by PROMES for this position, both related to concentrated solar energy:

  1. Conversion of solar energy into heat and power using concentrating technologies. This covers system analysis including economic approach, new optical designs, heat transfers, solar receivers design, thermodynamic cycles… New approaches combining several topics like CSP + CPV are eligible.
  2. Materials under extreme conditions, thermochemical conversion and solar fuels

The application concerns young persons graduated with a PhD. Persons who are currently in a post-doc position are preferred. The selection is based on a competition between candidates with various fields and projects of research. It is organized by CNRS at the national level. In general, no position is directed to a specific laboratory, like PROMES laboratory. However, “Thermal Solar” has been selected this year by CNRS as one of its priority themes.

In order to apply for a position in PROMES laboratory in Odeillo, the project should be prepared in agreement with the director and with the members of the research group concerned by the topic. It must fit the 2 fields mentioned above (see also http://www.promes.cnrs.fr ). 

For more information about the selection process, please visit http://www.dgdr.cnrs.fr/drhchercheurs/concoursch/default-en.htm

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“N°10/02: 8 Associate scientists normal class. including two as a priority on the two following themes : “renewable energy: thermal solar or renewable marine energies” and “biomass transformation”


Note that only an excellent candidate has a chance of success in this competition. Therefore a very high quality of background, skills and publications is required.

The deadline for application is expected to be January 8, 2018, but putative candidates must contact the laboratory before December 22.


A post-doc position might also be offered by PROMES laboratory to a high level, highly motivated candidate with a good evaluation of his/her background and research project.


Contact person at CNRS/PROMES laboratory

Alain Dollet, Director