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Offre de Thèse : Concentrating Solar Pyrolysis of Lunar Regolith for Oxygen Extraction

The objective of the project is to explore an innovative avenue for the production of oxygen on the Moon by the concentrated solar pyrolysis of the regolith. This process consists in heating the rocks from the lunar soil (regolith) at very high temperature to extract different materials, including the oxygen necessary for any lunar base project. This process has the advantage of not requiring any resources from the Earth. Preliminary studies have been carried out by CNES/ESA and the proof of concept requires the use of efficient solar concentrators available at the PROMES laboratory in Odeillo. The work will consist in continuing theoretical studies, designing, building and testing a solar pyrolysis device to extract oxygen from rock composed of a mixture of oxides. Other products (i.e. metals or other strategic elements) may also be separated and must be analyzed for recovery. This work should bring out new perspectives for the establishment of a lunar base by in-situ use of the resources present for a further away exploration of space.